Biomass Pellet Burner

  Technical Feature


  • Energy saving : Adaptive with biomass fuel, low operation cost (30% - 60%  lower than using oil)
  • High efficiency : effective half gasification burning in low temperature, and the burning rate is above 92%
  • Stability : Micro positive pressure operation with no backfire and flame lifting.
  • Low carbon : Emission of dust, sulfur and carbon dioxide meet the GB13271 emission standrad of dust.
  • Easy operation : Auto feeding and ignition with small amount of task and only one worker is needed.
  • Wide application : Adaptive for boiler, die casting machine, industrial furnace and drying equipment.
  • Transformation : the best burner for biomass fuel tranformation of oil / gas / natural gas boiler.





 Remark :

     The combustion heat is calculated by 4,000 Kcal. The biomass fuel is shaped inpellets ( 6-10 mm Diameter, 10-30 mm in lenght ) ; The biomass burning device is adaptive for transverse installation in boiler, not for downside or upside installation. The information is subject to changes without prior notice.

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